Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Xbox One Kinect 2 is Advanced Ghost Hunting Tech

The Xbox One (X1) new gaming console was announced May 21, 2013. This announcement by Microsoft came a week after massive X1 class solar flares erupted from the sun, though the similarity in names is just a coincidence, there are some interesting conspiratorial and paranormal predictions coming out about the Xbox One.

Ever since the release of the Kinect motion sensor controllers in 2010, gamers have been posting videos of "Kinect Ghosts" detected by their Xbox 360. The Kinect prompts you when a new person is in the room, a phenomena dismissed as a glitch by most users if they're alone. However there are hundreds of videos on youtube of not only 'someone not there' being detected, but these 'ghosts' also using the motion controller to operate the system.

In Paranormal Activity 4 there are scenes using the Xbox Kinect motion controller, where night vision goggles reveal some of the secrets about how the controller functions. Gamers quickly confirmed that this is in fact what an Xbox 360 Kinect looks like through night vision goggles:

The new Kinect 2 for the Xbox One has been upgraded with advanced Infrared (IR) sensor technology, that according to developers in Redmond Washington, "can detect players in total darkness," and even has the ability to, "monitor heartbeats." The new "3D depth mapping" allows for incredible location mapping and HD video recording features, even in the dark. It is likely that a 'ghost hunting app' for the Xbox One will be developed, but it appears any ghost hunter could simply use the Kinect 2 as an advanced night vision motion detecting camera:

Thus the Xbox One and Kinect 2 might just be the most advanced ghost friendly device ever devised if used in ghost hunting ways not originally intended. This may be a good thing. Considering how the gaming community is already protesting the "Visual DRM" and other conspiracies circulating about the Xbox One's Orwellian features, ghosts may be the only ones playing Microsoft's latest gaming system.

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